Commercial Music Production

Sound Design made for you

Being able to compose original music that fits exactly with your requirements, your project, your preferences if where Raindrop Sound Design excels. Rather than using off the shelf music from a sound bank, you get bespoke music which is precisely what you were looking for and is yours. That’s how commissioning your own music works – you own the music, to use as you see fit, no royalties, no hearing someone else using it. Sound appealing? I thought so.

TV and Film Scores

Imagine a Film or your favourite TV Programme without audio/music content…..not quite as gripping is it! ET flying in that bike across the moon, made all the more better for John Williams wonderful soundtrack.

Computer Games

Like film music, gaming music just sits there in the background, playing a supporting role to the main visuals. But just like films, it would be significantly missed if it was not there. Gaming can be a fully immersive experience, let the music assist in that.

Radio Jingles

Every Radio broadcast has a number of jingles, unique to them. The news, weather, segway music, games etc….the list goes on. Although short in length, they can have a huge impact.


Whether a product, service, company or occasion, adverts have the power to reach the masses. Music has always been a huge part of both radio and TV advertising, and can instantly provide brand recognition outside of the advert itself; just think about the John Lewis Christmas Adverts.

Podcast Creation and Jingles

Podcasts are becoming bigger and bigger. Creating one however, is a different thing. Knowing where to start and what equipment you need is a problem we can take away from you. At Raindrop Sound Design, we can not only help you set up, record and edit your Podcast, though we can also work with you to create the perfect jingle. Like radio advertising, a Podcast jingle can instantly add something special to your production, making it instantly recognisable and familiar.

Working with you

Simply, Raindrop Sound Design will listen to you

We differentiate ourselves through taking the time to understand your needs, and develop a creative response that supports your goal.

Our clients enjoy an unrelenting attitude of partnership, years of experience, and music exploration.

We bring suggestions and creative proposals; what we don’t do is force our own agenda.

Our Approach

Step One – Briefing/Scoping Meeting

This is a free consultation to understand your needs. We will listen and respond to your requirements. This might include playing examples of pre-existing Raindrop Sound Design Music that might be relevant, or showing examples of similar projects we feel could work well. If asked to engage, we will then go away and quote for the project. Because every project is completely unique in scope, complexity and length, it is hard to have a ‘one-price fits all’ structure.

Step Two – Commission and Project Timelines

Should you wish to then commission Raindrop Sound Design, all contracts and statement of works would then be issued and we would commence upon signing of this. We would then ask for a meeting with any relevant parties, where we would set out project timelines and discuss creative preferences. From this point, Raindrop Sound Design will be as flexible and as available as needed. Our advice, based on experience, is to have a follow up meeting as soon as the first musical ideas are down; this is what we call a calibration meeting. This is an opportunity for Raindrop to show their work, and for the client to indicate their early thoughts. If we are ‘off the mark’, it is essential for this to be discussed then.

Step Three – Project Completion

Should the client be satisfied following Step Two, Raindrop Sound Design will then complete the project. This may include working with other members of your team (Audio/Visual) to sync the music to any video, should this be needed. Finally, we would arrange a meeting to present the final piece. At this point if there are any adjustments needed, we would go away and make them. Upon complete satisfaction, a high quality audio file will then be issued, and full ownership of the music transfers to you.

Let’s make some music