Bespoke Sound Design

Raindrop Sound Design is a boutique music studio focused on creating bespoke music for your commercial needs. For a tailored, high-end experience where your musical vision comes to life, Raindrop Sound Design is the studio for you.

About Me

At Raindrop Sound Design, we are passionate about music and driven to create dynamic and inspiring compositions for commercial projects.

Our Approach : Working with you

Simply, Raindrop Sound Design will listen to you. Understanding your need is essential for Raindrop Sound Design to be able to make a creative/musical response. What we will bring to the project is experience, knowledge, years of musical exploration and suggestions; what we won’t do is force our own agenda.

Our Services

TV and Film Scores

Adding drama and atmosphere to any longer visual like TV or Film is something I love to do. The score has so much influence on the overall affect, let me help you get it right. To here some of my work listen here.


The most memorable adverts for TV ad Radio all have a tune you just can’t get out of your head. I can help get your brand remembered for all the right reasons and boost revenue and brand recognition.

Radio or Podcast Jingles

When people listen to you on the move, you need music that is instantly recognisable. With the popularity of Podcasts growing, you need a killer intro. From 5 to 60 seconds I can write a great jingle for your requirements.

Computer Games

Iconic sound for your game will have their headsets ringing and boost your sales. Gaming is big business and taking your music seriously should be a top priority. Talk to me about what your need.

Presentations Materials

Whether you are doing a presentation to launch your company, a training video for your team or promoting your business, a good sound track that is original and interesting will go a long way. Let me help you be recognised.

Social Media or Website

Promoting your business, product, or service, is essential, and it can be hard to stand out in a crowded market place. Bespoke music, tailored to you, can make all the difference. Let’s chat about how I can support your brand.

Get Your Free Consultation

Get in touch and see how we can create bespoke music for your project. I’ll come to you and we can chat through your requirements and take it from there